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  1. Hello Guys, I currently own the ES-600 and it is a brilliant piece of kit, however at the moment I seem to be faced with a bit of a problem, I wonder has anyone on this site actually made a repair/walkthrough guide to assist with identifying problems in relation to the ES-600 electric skateboard, at the moment the problem I am having is that when the board was working fine I was coming down a big hill, and had to brake pretty quickly as I was turning the corner, the board made a funny grinding noise, and seemed to be struggling to start up again, I turned it off, and also the controller, and then turned both back on, but standing on the board and slowly pulling the gun controller to myself, the board was a making a juddering noise, and rather it feels like the drive belt is slipping. I called Andrew at electro-skate and he also suggested it sounds like the belt is slipping, I have ordered a new drive wheel and a new drive belt, and I shall fit them when they get here and I am hoping that this will solve the problem. Has anyone else suffered this problem, regards SS