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New here, and questions

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Hi guys, my name is Matt, I'm new here of course, anyway I've been busy reading as many posts as I can, and many other websites, and watching Youtube videos etc. I'm really hooked and want to buy a board asap, it's getting late in the year and if I was sensible I should probably wait until Spring as even better stuff might come out by then, however here in the St Louis area you can get some warm days up into late Nov at times. Where I live I have a lot of bike trails probably 100's of miles (which are converted old rail road tracks). Now I'm a bit old perhaps, I'm 40 and it's been a long time since I skated, but I did skate quite a bit when I was young and so I have the balance etc.


Anyway a few questions and I apologize if these have been answered, but a lot of posts I can find on the ES 600 for example are 2009 and 2010 so I'd like to get some current feedback on these boards.


The boards that I'm thinking about are the ES 600 Sport, the ES 900 Sport, and the 900 off road version? First off is the ES 900 too fast since it's been a while since I skated? It seems from what I've read that the ES 600 is very fast. And by the way, while the specs say top speed of 30 mph, that seems a bit high, what is it really? Like 20 or 22 or 25? Please let me know.


Also my area has a lot of bike trails as I said above, however part of me also would like an off road version like the ES 900 etc. If I was rich I'd buy both of them I guess, and maybe in the future it's best to have two different versions (one off road and one on road). Question: how smooth is the ES 600? Also compared to say the off road version ES 900 or ES 800 are they the same speed or is the off road a little slower? Also let's say that I predominantly road on black top bike trails, is the ES 900 with the big knobby tires really loud and rough? Basically what I'm asking is why don't more people just ride the off road version everywhere like in town etc since it can go on any surface, is it because it's rougher riding generally?


Lastly, since a lot of posts on the ES 600 are from 2009 and 2012 I assume that the ES 600 has been improved since that time? Can anyone confirm that such as more reliable now, faster, better etc?


thanks everyone!


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