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Best batteries to buy for maximum range?

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Hi guys i'm a newbie here

My name is Jase & i'm from Bournemouth UK

I just bought a lightly used Velocity Diablo :devil: 800w electric skateboard for £220


I love carving on it down by the beach & it's plenty fast enough for me

I want to upgrade with new batteries so i can get a lot more range on it

Any advice of what batteries i should be looking at for to get maximum range

Does more Milliamps = more range?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Jase and welcome to our community :peace:


more Amps means more range thats right. But you really compare SLA batteries with Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have more range with same Ah as SLA batteries.

With 20Ah lithium batteries you'll get a range of at least 30 kilometers.

But I can't tell you suppliers in UK, sorry. Maybe you'll have luck with some electric bicycle shops...


cheers Kai

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