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Eskate law in Berlin ? Allowed or still not?

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I heard that Berlin passed a law last spring regarding electric scooter. I would like to know what is about eskate?
I'm planning to build a eskate (600W) and would be sure I can safely drive it in town.
What does I need ? insurance, registration...?
Thanks for any help

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The current legal status of PLEV in Germany is

  • Up to 6km/h anything is allowed
  • Only eScooter allowed with a fixed max speed of 20km/h
  • The scooter needs to have a ABE (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis / general operating license issued by TÜV which is really expensive (last number I read somewhere was 15000€)
  • With that you can get insurance which is also needed (but not really expensive)
  • No helmet required (Already had bad accidents since the new law and the rental scooters came)
  • Everything else is not allowed
  • Worst punishment that could happen (depends on the individual policeman): You commit a felony by driving a motorized vehicle without insurance.
  • There were some EUCs on the demo that had insurance (recognizable by small license plates) so they managed to get insurance but afaik the vehicles themselves are not allowed to drive. This will be only a “Ordnungswidrigkeit” with a fine in case the catch you :wink:


Quoting myself from over here: https://forum.esk8.news/t/plev-legalization-movement-legal-situation-in-germany/6782/23


So, no, its not allowed (yet) but even if it will be some day I doubt that they'll allow diy vehicles, its germany after all :(

Last but not least: Berlin == Germany, there is no special law only for Berlin 😉

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