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  1. Es ist nur $ 649, aber sie verkaufen nur an Amerika. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1911955304/talon-boards-affordable-lightweight-electric-skate
  2. Looks cool. $649 is a steal, but there's only 3 left! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1911955304/talon-boards-affordable-lightweight-electric-skate
  3. I disagree with Evolve, it's possible, albeit it won't be that great. Voodoojar on Endless-sphere built one for under $200, but he has since removed his post. Cheapest board parts list: -$50 Complete Longboard on Amazon or ••••. -$34 NTM Motor on Hobbyking -$45 Boat ESC on Hobbyking (although I recommend a Car ESC). -$40 2x 5000mah 6S Lipo Batteries on Hobbyking -$20 Remote Control plus receiver -$20 Gears and Pulleys on SDP-SI -$10 Piece of aluminum on McMaster for motor mount.
  4. Hey enertionboards (I notice your name from endless-sphere), how come you didn't post this on the other forum? It could have helped me a bit lol. 1. Probably state your weight. That might help us figure out the total weight on the board. Perhaps do a one motor vs. one motor test? 2. Longevity. I heard that the NTM motors aren't built as well as the SK3 even though they come from the same factory. Perhaps you can plug the speed controller into the wall and then just leave the motor on until one dies. Also, I would like to know power consumption to see if one could travel further than the other motor. I guess, a distance test? 3. Tacon 245kV and Alien Sensored motors.
  5. Although this is my first post on this forum, I know a lot about electric boards (i'm on endless-sphere and I've had several all-nighters just researching things). 30+mph on a board feels like going 100mph in a car. It's insane and pretty unsafe. On my own board, the max I ride is 25mph but even then I feel that if I accidentally hit the curb I will be flying 20 feet. On endless-sphere.com most people use brushless motors because they are smaller, but it seems that on this website a lot of people use brushed motors. I could be wrong about this, but I'm not sure if a 1000 Watts is enough to power your board. Boosted boards uses 2000 watts and only goes 22mph while the E-go uses 700 Watts and goes 11mph. You cannot use a 1000 Watt controller while using two 1000 Watt motors as they will try to draw more energy than the controller can supply. Speed tends to be controlled by RPM while wattage tends to focus on the torque of a motor (ie. going uphill). I don't know about brushed motors, but if you go with a brushless motor, try to get low kVs like 245kv. That means it gives out 245 revolutions in a minute per volt. With 48 volts, it would have 11760 rpm.