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  1. Hi People, I made a real bad mistake when I shot this video, it was not a bad day when I set off from my girlfriends house, but it started to rain (bad mistkae) :confused5:
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    My ES-Sport

    Hi Crziiieh, Yes I do use a gopro HD camera, they are great. The actual cycleway that you saw me riding is a joint programme that had different organisations working together to create a link cycle wa or cyclke path to encourage people to be able to get to far distances without having to cross main roads that are dangerous to cyclists. A great plan that work very well, and people are constantly using this path/cycleway every day. Regards for now SS ps I have both my electric skateboards up and running now Favourite board is my bigdaddy 800, second favourite board is my ES-600
  3. Just some assorted pictures of my new board. Enjoy!!!
  4. Hello Wolf, I thank you for your info whether late or not. I have just been having a look for a reset hold on my board as you seem to think, but on the ES-Sport(600) there is no reset hold anywhere near the led light. Maybe this was installed on the 800 watt board that you have maybe. But I had a discussion with Andrew at electroskate the other day and I asked him if he had received the bracket from my ES-Sport(600), as I sent it to him so that he could inspect it, he told me that yes he had received the bracket, and it was badly damaged, he told me that they are waiting for new stock of the brackets to be delivered to the warehouse, I also then told him that I could not link both the ES-Sport(600) and the gun controller together, though I went through the usual procedure of turning the remote on, and then using a pin , push it into the reset hole and press it until I get a flashing green light and then turning on the board, you should get three or four beeps, indicating that they are both linked/coded, and then you press the reset button once, and they are coded. But I told Andrew I am getting nowhere with this procedure. Andrew is thinking that the fault ,may lie with the controller itself, and has stated to me that I shall have to purchase a new gun controller (£55.00) and a new bracket(£17.00) and he will send me FREE OF CHARGE another mark 3 control box, and everything should be fine and well, and my board should be up and running, so I have to wait until near the end of the month for the brackets he said, so I need to be patient and wait. There is no good me ordering the stuff yet, as Andrew stated to me that he will send it all together to save on packing and postage. Hope this clears somethings up for you Wolf. I also have my new electric skateboard the eight ball big daddy, this is so brilliant, although there are distinct differences between the two boards, but I must say that I am so impressed with the big daddy eightball board, it is a very good board and though it is bigger in dimensions it is incredible and very easy to master. This is the lead acid battery version and it is quite heavy(35kg) but it is a very stable and a very comfortable ride indeed. One thing I do miss terribly with this board is the reverse function that I had on my ES-Sport(600) but then again it is a totally different board. The braking system is different as well, and though I have mastered it now, the ES-Sport(600) braking system is fantastic, and very easy to control, but with the big daddy it is a little more difficult and the brakes on the big daddy are regenerative braking /motor braking, and not ABS like on the ES-Sport(600). To be honest I love this board, i have tested it out on most surfaces, and the board itself has had no problems at all, it is a great board. I also love the chunky tires, they are great and go over anything in their path, an ultimate board to ride, I have realised though you have to a bigger radius for turning and it can be tricky but it is handled better the more you test the board out, though I have not gone too far from home on the board as of yet because the range is a lot less than my ES-Sport(600) obviously as lead acid is heavier. So the range is shortened. Though the price equivalent of this board is £799.00 from eightball boards?? That is a lot of money but to be fair I am happy now with what I have. Sorry to ramble on, but I LOVEEEEEEEEE this board, cheers for now Wolf.:peace::peace::peace: ps Wolf I forgot to tell you I have been in contact with Abby at rokitscience, and he is sending me a second hand slick wheel to my address, I have paid him £5.00 and he is sending it to my house, and then I will know for sure if the wheels fit my ES-Sport(600). And then I will order a set of four. This will also assist others in knowing this info as well. I will also use my ES-Sport(600) as a back up electric skateboard, or one I could lend my friends if I go to Round Hay Park???
  5. Hi Wolf, I have gone through the pairing process as explained many times, firstly as you also state just below the flashing green light, there is a small microswitch, now you use a needle and press it once to get a green light, another press gives it a flashing green light, this is the pairing sequence light, then you turn on the board itself, and you should immediately hear three or four beeps or something like that, and then you again press the tiny microswitch once, and that should be the end of the process. The board and the controller should be paired. However I am going through the correct sequence, but I am failing to get the initial beeping sound for the pairing process. I called Andrew yesterday regarding my drive bracket and how, I think the bracket itself is causing the problems with the teeth on both the cog and the belt, there has been a couple of occasions I have had to go up or down a kerb, in a sense this has caused the underneath part of the bracket to be ground down by the rough edges so to speak, and in a sense, this has also caused the bottom area to have like a squared edge so the belt is not sitting properly, hence the teeth being broke off the wheel cog. I sent the bracket to Andrew at electro-skate, I remember he mentioned while I was speaking with him, that they are out of stock of the brackets, until after the bank holiday, so they should have them back in on Tuesday/Wednesday. I also sent a short note. Hope this makes some sense to you Wolf. Have a look at the following info I received from Abby, at rokitscience hi stephen that's fine, you can order 1 x semi-road alloy wheel if it's compatible you can order the set of 4 & we'll dispatch the other 3 wheels if it's not compatible you can return it & your money will be refunded minus a small admin fee for processing your order it's best if you phone me when you want to make your purchase because the online process will charge you for a single wheel & then a set of wheels which would end up being the full cost of 5 wheels hope to speak soon What do you think Wolf, regards SS:peace::peace:
  6. Hello Wolf, Just a little info I noticed what a poster in the forums, had noted about the ES-600. It states that the es-600 utilises 10x26x8mm Bearings and the axel/axle is 10mm. Also I began to fit my new items to my board last night and everything was going pretty smooth until I turned the board on, and then I turned on the gun controller, I pushed the little reset switch on the controller until I got the flashing green pairing light, then I turned the board off and then back on again, but there was not the usual little beeping sound you normally get when you pair both the controller and the board???? I am going to ring Andrew at ES, in a minute, just to check I have not done something wrong. Just speaking to Andrew always makes me feel better. Talk soon SS:confused5:
  7. Hello Wolf, I see you like to be amused, I know you mean no harm, it's all good, I kind of understand your point regarding wheels and axels. I am learning with each and every answer or post that you reply to me, it is a good point in learning about fitting different wheels to the ES-600 instead of having to always buy them from electro-skate, I don't mean that in a negative way, I like electro-skate and I certainly like their loyalty and help/support that they always give to me. I am sure that most of the other people think the same. I received my new drive wheel and belt today, as well as the new control box that Andrew had promised me, and once again with no surprise Andrew came through and delivered what was promised :peace::peace::peace: :thumbsup:. So I shall be having a check of the components received and see where we go from there Wolf. I miss not being able to jump on my board and utilise the freedom that I get when I am riding my board, I use it as an escapism from all the hardships of life. I keep meaning to upload a video of me and my board going up a serious hill, of course to show others how good the ES-Sport really is. Chow for now Wolf. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  8. Hi Wolf, I now know and very aware that Andrew12 is ANDREW from electro-skate.co.uk. :peace::peace::peace: And I made a mistake by sending him his own message, it is easily done, I am not perfect and this is called a learning curve. I am awaiting a reply email from rokitscience regarding the link they sent to me for wheel sizes. With my ES-Sports 600 I meant the axel part that the whole wheel slides on is 3cm thick, it will be the same on both of the trucks. Plus I emailed Andrew about does he know another source for compatible wheels, so I shall await his reply, don't think there is anything else I need mention, still waiting for drive wheel and belt to arrive:( Chow for now and thanks for any corrections. SS
  9. Hi Wolf, It would seem I am a funny guy, but Andrew has always been helpful with his advice when ever I have asked him anything and I know he stands behind his boards one hundred per cent, but now things are going to get better thanks to everyone who has helped me so far. I also like how you work Wolf, you certainly know your stuff, I shall do as you have asked and I shall also email rokitscience again just for a confirmation about thickness of the wheels they say as compatible, but I need to height and depth of the wheels and of course the measurements of the middle thin piece that goes through the wheel itself and measure my axel from my board. MY ES-Sport wheel dimensions are: Height 10cm Width 7and a half cm Depth 3cm tube 3cm Thickness of axel 3 and a half cm Does this sound about right Wolf, ha ha ha :peace::peace::peace:
  10. Hello Andrew12, Had a glitch on a page and could not preview/post my reply. I received your message about the incompatibility issue between my control box and gun controller???? So here is the reply below. SS Hello Andrew12, I was cycling to my partners house and I initiated a call from Andrew(electro-skate) and he explained to me that they did send me the control box which would work with my current gun controller, I had sent him the reply you posted, and that was why he called me (good customer service) he told me that because I had only bought the control box in March, he will send me an updated control box to match my existing gun controller at no cost £££ to myself. I thanked him for his call and he said I just have to wait for the unit to get to me. And fit it, so hopefully I am going to get this sorted out. I appreciate your help/support Andrew12 :-) :peace::peace::peace:
  11. Hello Andrew12, I was cycling to my partners house and I initiated a call from Andrew(electro-skate) and he explained to me that they did send me the control box which would work with my current gun controller, I had sent him the reply you posted, and that was why he called me (good customer service) he told me that because I had only bought the control box in March, he will send me an updated control box to match my existing gun controller at no cost £££ to myself. I thanked him for his call and he said I just have to wait for the unit to get to me. And fit it, so hopefully I am going to get this sorted out. I appreciate your help/support Andrew12 :-) :peace::peace::peace:
  12. Hi Andrew12, I thank you for your reply, there is something I would like to mention, I purchased a new Control box in March from electro-skate.co.uk, surely they would have sent the most up to date control box they had, it cost me £85.00, plus 1pence shipping :thumbsup: I am confused now? Hi Andrew12, I have also just emailed Andrew at electro-skate.co.uk, to see of they can give any clarifcation on the control box they sent to me. SS
  13. Hi Wolf, Thanks for your reply, that is great news, my new drive wheel and belt have still not arrived as of yet, I received a reply from rokitscience regarding their semi track skateboard wheels and they believe that they will be compatible with my board, Apparently the they sell the wheels, and also if you buy them, they can each be used as a drive wheel, so you get four times as much use out of each wheel. However four of these semi wheels cost £91.00 gbp. Could you please check the link and tell me what you think about these wheels Wolf, and if they are worth buying????? :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Wolf, below is a copy of the mail they sent back to me. hi stephen thanks for your enquiry we have stock of semi-off road alloy wheels please use link: http://www.rokitscience.co.uk/online_store/electric_skateboard_alloy_wheel_semioff_road.cfm i believe they're compatable with elektro skate boards they are made from a hard wearing tough solid rubber compound a set of 4 includes a drive cog which can be removed & inserted into each individual wheel converting each one into a drive wheel, so a set of wheels lasts 4 times as long hope this helps kind rgs abby.
  14. Hi Wolf, The steps you mention at the front of your post, I may be able to make a small adjustment with the placing of the bracket to the back axel. You are truly very informative with your information and now thinking to the question that I asked about different modifications, I realise now that there is more to this idea than I first thought, but hey I am human and have to ask. Also the Es-800 All track, is the new model and they may have updated it to allow the user (you) to make certain changes according to your preference. Regarding your belt tension and so on. This is not the case with the ES-600, it is only a minimum slight movement than can be achieved with the placement of the bracket to the rear axel. Could you have a word with beetle on my behalf or kindly ask him to drop me a line or message regarding the aluminium version of the drive wheel, I wonder wolf are other forum users accessing these posts. :peace: I hate for waiting for things to be delivered by royal mail, I am so impatient. I have emailed rokitscience (electric skateboard company) to aks if their wheels and so on will fit the ES-Sports, they can say yes/no simple
  15. Hello Wolf, Quick update for you, I was just having a look at the drive wheel, and on close inspection I have realised that a few of the plastic teeth, have been torn away or come off on the drive wheel itself, and on the edge of the plastic cog there are quite a few rough parts, where the teeth are missing, this could be the explanation, I am awaiting a new drive wheel and belt, I am hoping that will solve the problem. I find it quite annoying that the board goes without no problems for some time, and then out of the blue things just happen and everything goes wrong. But always a learning curve. :peace: I tried the steps that you told me about, but did not make any difference, so I put all the four allen screws back into the bracket of the rear axel. Regards for now. SS ps Do you only have the one board????? and would you recommend any other electric skateboard company??