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snubnose bottom

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Evolve Skateboards

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Yeah had those exact trucks on a Billabong non elec board -- gull wings I think. Really nice ride -- am floored to see them on an electric! Sweet machine. Love the low profile battery cases now... Sheesh... Thunder from Down Under...

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Hi Andrew


No its not. The battery is way smaller. The circuitry is totally new and not available yet. Have a closer look at the battery casing, its 36mm in height, basically the ES 500 (from jinagsu China) battery case is a lot bigger. Being a reseller of their product surely you can see this difference by just looking at the casing. My remote is also a lot smaller with a battery indicator on it. The motor is 220w 5000 rpm specially designed to match my battery and circuitry. The mechanically setup is a precise design along with the super carve trucks. This board has been in prototype for over 3 years now, and we are making molds as we speak for this design. You will not find this product on the Chinese market place like the ES range of boards. Its an Australian Design. The only thing that looks similar to the ES 500 is the shell of the motor, which again has been customised for the evolve board. You will find our circuitry is much smoother, softer braking and way more reliable than the jiangsu controllers. This new board will be available in June sometime. We have a facebook page, website (still under construction) and youtube channel for more information



Evolve Skateboards

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Hi Jeff, ah ok apologies I have checked some of your videos, I can see the parts are bespoke. The ES 500 watt battery case is 39mm deep and 330mm long so pretty small. It will do 30km range and top 21mph. Our controllers have been in development for 3 years the braking on our boards is fully adjustable and can be applied fully on at full speed! I really can’t see how you can get smoother than our 500 watt board the acceleration is completely seamless when off on the trigger etc. The range of the 500 watt is 30km+anyone can test and speed and torque is amazing. As you mentioned China You are not manufacturing in china? Your battery, your control boxes your motor not from china?


PS : Congrates on making this new board it does looks Amazing!

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Your ES 500 battery case is 43mm in height - check again!


I was using the same controllers and batteries from this supplier you buy from while my circuitry was i prototype.......i went through 3 controllers in 6mths and 2 batteries....the BMS is all over the place. Without going into too much detail all the boards out of this factory are unstable, the 500w is their most stable however, but the rest are pretty bad.


Now, tell me about these abec 11 fly wheels you say you have? Show me a board you have set up with these abec 11 fly wheels please.


Thanks for the kind words also



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Hi Jeff, Not sure which ones you tested but all ours work well, there was some issues with batteries but we switched supplier there are 100's of battery suppliers in China as you know. We have had no issues with our Mark 3 control box either and our braking is adjustable, our boards ride so smooth all 600 , 500 and now 900 watt boards. Our wheels are purchased directly from Abec factory in China.

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Abec 11 are made in the USA, not China. I just posted a video on this site, check it out, these are abec 11 fly wheels 83mm 75a. They come in sizes 76mm, 83mm, 90mm & 97mm only and they all have the orange hub. Basically your supplier is misleading you, maybe some of your wheels are a little softer than the other ones they supply so they decided to call them Abec 11.......Abec 11 would be a little annoyed at this Andrew

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