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  1. hello, today I find evolve skateboards carbon very cool!! but I think the remote controller is too big, so I register a account to ask if u have a plan to reshape it. then I will buy one. another question is will you sell it in china, that will save me time and troubles, 3q

  2. Hey Mate, Only just seen this thread (haven't been on here for sometime) and noticed no one has replied to you on this. Sounds like the spacers here are your best option, depending on the axle size you could try using some standard bearing spacers from a longboard shop, these may work ok. Hopefully you get a hold of the supplier. Otherwise, try an evolve board as we have a very good team of passionate people working for the brand. Anyway, as long as your riding then all good! Thanks
  3. Lotfi the PRO doing some nice tricks and slides on the pintail - the switch slide is impressive!
  4. well....you get what you pay for! Urethane is crucial on these boards like all professional longboarding. Having the right formula also helps to produce the best range out of the batteries. And being able to customise the ride is also a great opportunity, you can do this with our trucks also. If you are going to make something for yourself why would you compromise?? By wanting to know our number of teeth will not give you the same performance, this is also determined by the battery, motor specs and electrical parameter. Trial and error will give you what you need here. The test riding will be the fun part
  5. Evolve Skateboards

    Evolve Skateboards

    Ultra light, super quite, smooth electric longboards.
  6. The interchangeable drive gears we use are made from POM which is a material designed for gears, its not just a plastic composite. We still have had no cases of any wear on these as of yet. I used to use aluminum drive gears (same design) but these were louder than the POM gears and a fraction heavier. This is also the same case with the belts we use, we have never had a single belt break, actually they get better with age as they soften up and makes for a quieter ride as you wear it in. When you compare the belts of other eboards they are much louder and often need replacing. I have trailed many different company belts before and even the same company belt but made in a different country, the result was the UK and USA belts proved much quieter. Many people have no idea how important the belt is to the whole performance of the board.
  7. Great pics! Yes a lot goes into it, testing riding each board will be fun
  8. Hey Jens Yes this is true, if you start at the bottom of the hill will no momentum then go up the hill the board will struggle. If you approach the hill with momentum it will perform well as long as its not too steep and the rider is not too heavy. I weigh 82kgs and it does hills for me just fine, if the rider was say over 95kgs it will have less torque for these hills. The drive gear used for our boards are small in diameter and are a good match for best performance, if a larger diameter gear was used for the drive wheel then hills would be easier and top speed would reduce. Happy boarding Jeff
  9. I totally agree with Chrizz. The boards are most fun cruising 15-20km's/hr, at this speed you can still hook in snowboard/longboard style carves. When I ride (which is everyday) I never hit full throttle, I do however like to give it a little squirt then just roll like a normal longboard and control speed through carving (as this is what it is all about - not riding in a straight line!). I think its best to ride only as fast as you can run also Electric skateboards are very safe if ridden responsibly, but will be unforgiving if not treated with respect.
  10. This is just testing mostly the wheels and trucks, this board handles like our longboards! You can ride this over any surface (apart from sand) and is very light 9-10kgs. Using professional freestyle mountain board 8" wheels and stainless bearings, double carving trucks and possibly the lightest board of this type going around. This is by no means the final setup and as there is much more to come with this design :) The vision is on piste off piste longboarding and the ability to ride anywhere with no concern. Its the perfect solution for those who actually love to carve but can't as the terrain is no good in their area. It is a perfect mode of transportation.
  11. Love that TUNE!!!!! Played by Rage though :)
  12. Hey slowly I think this is pretty powerful and unique http://www.gnarboards.com/index.html Good bloke also (up there in price though), made in the USA. But I guess you get what you pay for. Good luck