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astreines carver board, aber mit der derzeitigen motorisierung langsamer als eins ohne Motor.....

From the album:

oldschool board BMW Style

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This is a very old board that came out about 6 years ago, a few retailers in the UK sold them it was a interesting design but never took off. The company that manufactured it went out of business a while back.

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It's exactly opposite. This is a cheap clone, without licenses from BMW and with fake parts, made in China.


It costs around 160€ in USA and is available from •••• from time to time, look here:




The parts are nowhere the BMW quality, they are just cheap ass fakes. And no, the original BMW Street carver is no longer in business, as their machining tools broke and they stopped the process of creating them somewhen in the 2004-2005 times.


I know this, because I not only know the creator and all predecessing models / prototypes and we're in contact (the silver deck one is a prototype run, as example, the finals were blue..) but I also got some original and parts of those and use them with heavy modifications on my own project.


The wheel molding forms were sold from BMW to a scooter (funsport) company, but that's it, there will never be a continuation or same quality again (remember: the original costed 450€, without motors or stuff!). Thats why I build my "continuation" myself of the kickass steering concept with some flaws.


But I hate cheapass asian copies, they just s**k, as they use hard-created, thought and tested stuff and just make similiar-appearing clones from ways cheaper components, without crediting Rudi and Mr. Augustin.


This is btw. a vhs-filmed old original tape of one of the first models Rudi designed and manufactured in the workshop of his friend, before he got back to his BMW designer job and they realized (after several trys) the BMW Street carver. This video is > 10 years old.



Much regards,




(Ich spreche auch deutsch, aber in Anbetracht der Kommunikation hier, ist es so verständlicher.)

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i know its a cheap clone, and maybe stolen from bmw, thats why i wrote " BMW Style" but its really fun to drive.... but still to slow and i need a new deck out of wood not plastic.......

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Yea ok, ok then. :thumbsup: (Hi and welcome btw. :D )


I was just not amused that those people faked one of the in my opinion absolute best truck/steering system which has some flaws, but those are able to get rid of. And this cheapass thing makes me literally somewhat angry everytime I see it.


They have to be slow, no remote (accelerating with foot button mostly, no brake..) and very low wattage motor. If they would include like a 500W motor, potentially breaking parts and, more dangerously, no braking at 25-30 mph would result in crashes and injure alot of people I guess.


If one of the axle arms breaks, this type of steering will cause a bad accident naturally (thats why I even strenghtened the original BMW ones even as I only know one much-used-broken original axle arm total from alot of info materials I checked).


My guess is, they designed it as slow as possible, for kids and even surfaces like empty parking lots, which still makes fun but is ways more safe than the dangerous highspeed eBoards (even more if the parts ain't made for highspeed). :D


This way they can prevent injurys of buyers at higher speeds.. (and make it very inexpensive).


I am looking forward, what you'll build from it, just hope the parts withstand everything and don't fail and you find a better motor/brake solution for it. :thumbsup:


My posting wasn't meant against you, just so you know. ;) Just wrote some data I collected in almost a year of reviewing, contacting people and modifying.



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By the way, I don't see a foot button on this one, has it a remote control? The ones I know had a foot button to accelerate.


Much regards,



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No problem, wolf... the board has a foot button, but with a new deck i wanna make it remote with a 36v motor and maybe 600w, the controller and the receptor are not that expensive and i can use the eddy brakes.Btw i did not know the problems with the steering arms, but its good to know...... maybe i reinforce them with cf.....



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Hello Markus,


yea, I only saw one broken axle arm from a BMW Street Carver once, so they are pretty stable. But depending how much the deck and wheels absorb on shocks and what one does with the board (jumps, hard carving on sharp objects and such) they can break which will immediately bring the deck to steer in the other direction and make a accident nearly 99,99% at higher speeds.


I have no idea how stable the compound of the clones / copys really is, so if you can, try to reinforce them somehow. If you're just rolling on flat streets without much uneven ground or rolling over holes, they should work I guess but tricks or hard terrain might wear them down quickly.


Much regards,



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Hi Markus,


I just accidentally stomped over your question - I don't get a notice if someone responds to my comment - only, if it is under my own image. :(


Yes, you need a new controller for a brushless motor, the thing used on this clone is just a brushed motor with small controller.


Much regards,



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