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  1. jph

    Hi. You still in Finland?? It would be really nice to try riding what ever you have. Cheers JP

  2. Hello,<br />

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    I was wondering if you happened to know of any other elektroskate parts suppliers. Andrew has been pretty non-responsive recently regarding inquires and whatnot through email. <br />

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    Also I'm having this weird issue where the controller would drop connectivity randomly. Any ideas?<br />

    <br />

    Cheers,<br />

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  3. basically the super swiss 6 are stronger and maybe roll a little nicer (if you are talking about a normal wheel, without a drivewheel) but since the ES AIR 500 does have a fair amount of roll resistance anyway due to the drive wheel, I think you are quite ok with just getting the bones super red. I have those and they work perfectly fine, I do not think you would really notice at all, unless you are super sensitive .... Now if the roll resistance on the electric skateboard was a lot lower, say like on the metro-board (which has much, much less rolling resistance than ES AIR 500 -- I have both) or the new Evolve Skateboard (which is reported to have the lowest resistance of them all I hear) then maybe it is a factor more, what kind of bearings you have. I would say though, save your money, buy the lower priced bones super reds, and for sure save your money and buy the steel pivot pin trucks for the ES AIR 500, as soon as you can. The stock trucks on the ES AIR are made out of a magnesium compound that I have seen many posts about trucks that have cracked... I got the steel pivot pin trucks myself, and those are much, much stronger than the magnesium allow trucks that the board shipped with. Now, I have not had any problems with the magnesium trucks myself, I am just saying, I have seen a lot of posts on this forum and others where those magnesium trucks do not last so long under heavy riding conditions. The pivot pin trucks are nice though... I recommend. Just my opinions Of course others may disagree Cheers Dave
  4. Get the super reds, they last longer than the ceramics and half the price. And they roll really nice.
  5. Hi, really nice mods there, the lights are really cool !!! Can I ask two questions, 1. What kind of deck did you buy for that, and 2. Did you have any problems mounting the under box battery when that deck is concaved like that? I am really interested to know the brand of the deck you got. Cheers Dave:peace:
  6. Hi, I placed this in the german language section of the forum, I am hoping one of you fine people can help me. I was thinking of putting a new deck on my ES AIR 500 board, and although the truck mount screw holes seem standard, I was wondering if someone have the dimensions and what size holes I need to drill for the battery box ... I am not even sure what those little fitters that slide down into the holes on the board are called, the ones that hold the battery box on to the board, there are four of those and the screws are bolted from the bottom. Anyway, I am looking to change that deck that came with the ES AIR 500 and change to a longer 42" deck, so I want to doublecheck and confirm the type of screws on the ES AIR 500 and what those screw fitters are called and what size holes I need. Thanks in advance, I am not so technical about these things, so I want to check before I start drilling anything. Cheers Dave
  7. Hi, so did you pay 99 british pounds plus extra for the wheels and how much extra? Or just 99 for the trucks and that price include the wheels?
  8. What kind of wheels did you buy, may I ask?
  9. But did you have to pay for the new wheels also? I mean, I just paid 85 euros when I had got the board, for upgraded wheels... I will have to check this out...
  10. Hi Drakarn, I think the original wheels will also fit the new steel trucks? Although I am not looking forward to shelling out more cash, it seems that the steel trucks is the only way to go, but I am sure they will fit the old wheels without having you buy new wheels? t. Dave
  11. Holy moly batman ! Ease up on the wheaties dude... :peace:
  12. I am a major fan also of ABEC11 ! I have 97mm and some 70mm ZigZags... awesome products man !! Dave
  13. Hi Drakarn, can you tell me what size bearings you put in for the ES-500? Was that standard 8mm ?
  14. Finn

    Geco ES 600

    yes very nice
  15. Finn


    Raldey is the chinese brand name I think... the electric skateboard is the same, at least when I bought the ES AIR 500 from Electroskate website, the board came to me with the name Raldey... but it is the same electric skateboard that is made in china. Cheers Dave