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  1. Like I said before be my guest and be jolly with it ride your board… i stick to my Apple, Evolve and bloody yes my Tesla…. Tesla, Evolve, Apple didn’t invented the stuff they sell…. But they combined several techniques already existing, in a consumer friendly and unique product…. ❤️
  2. Evolve is the ‚apple‘ brand of e Skateboards…. and damm I like my apple products but please go own and ride your Samsung galaxy ….😎
  3. Germans and Humor always a Problem.... and don‘t mention the war .... 😚
  4. Nach alt Deutschen Tradition: ‘Befehl ist Befehl‘ 🙁 ......
  5. Evolve gtx AT Reife Offroad downhill .........yahoooooo O by the way Custom service von evolve 1A Love it
  6. Ich schenke 50 Euro....
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