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I bought the whole electric skateboard a month ago. And I want to replace with a new direct drive motor. So sell the original motor.

The total mileage is 150km. The motor is running perfectly.

Maximum speed 43km/h (actually only 37km/h)
Support 10s battery pack
Single motor power 550w

Support Hobbywing esc

Tire diameter 97mm

Torque: 2.5 Nm


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Board data:
Battery: 10s 3p (10.5AH, 10500mah, 350WH)
Range: 40km (weight 60kg)
Maximum speed: 43km/h
Weight: 7KG
Material: carbon brazing
Controller: Hobbywing
Charging time: 4-5h
Size: 80cmx24.5cm

Whole esk8 are sold for 650 euros.

Same as Phantom except for the motor.


30 MPH, 30 Mile Range. Next Gen 21700 Lithium Battery and Carbon Fiber Drop Deck You Can Count On.


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